How To Calculate Numerology Numbers On Your Own

Most people have heard about numerology. It is a system by which you are able to use your birthday, and by adding the numbers in a certain way, you can determine certain aspects of your life. These are sometimes referred to as life path numbers, each one designating a person’s personality, and a multitude of other factors about them. In the same way that astrology and horoscopes are used to present information about people based on their birthday, numerological calculations can also provide similar information. Let’s go over how to calculate numerology numbers for yourself so that you can perhaps receive some insight as to what direction you should take with your life.

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Learn how to calculate your own numerology numbers today

Origins Of Numerology

The origins of numerology can date back thousands of years. It was used in many different ancient cultures. From people in Japan, to the ancient people of Greece and Rome, it has always played a large part in helping people understand themselves. If you have never had your birthday calculated for this purpose, it’s actually quite easy to do. In fact, there are many websites where you can simply enter in your birthday, and it will do the calculations for you. It is thought that numerology was initially created to help people understand their place in the world, and it provides similar insight today.

How To Calculate Your Date Using Numerology

The first thing that you need to do is write out the numerical representation of your birthday. This will include the month, day, and year. The month and day will be represented by two digit numbers. The year will be represented by four digit numbers. For example, if you were born on May 5, 1984, this would be written out 05 05 1984. To calculate this, you would add the two digits of your month, two digits of your day, and the four digits of the year of your birth. In this case, the resulting numbers would be 5, 5 and 22. 22 would be further added together as the number four. You would then add all of the numbers together with the resulting number being 14. You would then add 1 and 4 to get the number 5.

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What Will This Number Tell You?

Each of these numbers is going to correspond to what is called your life path number. The number 5 is typically regarded as a person who is a Freedom Seeker. You would then look at the characteristics of this number. It would state that your purpose in life is to do things that are adventurous, constructive, and always with a sense of resilience. This person is going to be different, and based upon this information, you can apply this to decisions you are trying to make. For example, you might be considering changing your current job to something else. This would indicate that you need to make this choice and not fear the possible outcomes.

Now that you know how to calculate numerology numbers, you can do this for your own birthdate. It is a very simple process. You may discover that the information related to your Life Path is the exact information that you need. Most of us will come to a point in our life where we need to make very crucial decisions. That’s why numerology can be so helpful by allowing people to gain insight into the true nature of their character, and how these characteristics can help them make life choices.

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